Facebook embed


Facebook embed is an external connector web part. This web part allows the organization to stay connected and embed social media networks directly in the portal. 


Your company Facebook Feed can be easily configured to display in your portal. Configure it to display the global feed of a selected public page.



  • In the Facebook web-part editing mode, choose the display of your widget


  • User Name: under the user name, put the name of the user whose Facebook page you want to display (ex: company Facebook page)
  • see more: you can choose to display a see more button. By clicking on it, users will be redirected to the indicated Facebook page
  • Data Chrome Properties: you can choose what you want to display in your widgets. For example, select "show post" If you want to display posts.
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  • The two latest options are related to the component size. You can decide the height and the width. 





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