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Discussions is a Powell 365 web part and it can be used anywhere on the Intranet to prompt conversations and discussions between company employees.

The benefit of this web part is that employees do not have to belong to a specific group or a team to engage in a conversation/discussion; everyone will be able to comment.

You can find the example of this web part on Powell Intranet Community pages. 



After selecting the Discussion web part, the following edit mode form will appear :


Then you'll be able to configure the following settings : 

  • Scope: Select a Web or a page.
    • Page: If you select the option "page," you will see this discussion only on the selected page. 
    • Web: If you select this option, you will be able to access all other discussions in Web mode.
  • Custom web url: This option is available only when the admin selects "Web url." You can put a url that will display discussion from a different website. If you leave this tab blank, the discussion will be displayed on the actual page.
  • Attachment list name: As you post a message on a discussion, you can attach a file to your post. The name that you will indicate here will be the list name where your attachment will be located/saved.
  • Discussions count: Write the number of discussions you want to be displayed on the web-part
  • Add a "see more" link:  You can choose to add a see more link that will redirect users. 
  • Personalized "see more" link: You can choose to personalize a see more link and a url that will redirect users to a specific page.
  • Personalized "see more" label: You can personalize a see more label and choose a label of your choice.
  • Select an email template: If a user is mentioned with an "@", an email is sent to notify them. You'll have some email templates to choose from to decide the format of this email.
  • Finally, you can save your changes.


Add rich text to your post

This webpart can now handle rich text, which means you can add styles and pictures to your content.

To do so, you just have to click on the three dots buttons and format your message as you wish.

You can add some colors, images, links, italic, bold text, and many more ...

rich text.PNG

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