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The Teams Discussion web part is a Powell 365 web part. One example of this web part can be found on the My onboarding page.

The Teams Discussion web part is very useful for a user to follow up with Teams channels directly from the intranet, and react/post without the need to open the application.

This web part is a time-saving tool, permitting it to focus on a certain channel and make its interactions easier.


 Teams Discussion web-part on the "My onboarding" page



After selecting the Teams Discussion web part, the following edit form will appear. You will see how to configure each section of it below.

Teams Discussion web-part edit mode form

"Select Teams" configuration

  • You will have to select a team in the "Select Teams" drop-down first. The teams shown in this drop-down are given by your Microsoft Teams.


"Select Teams" configuration for the Teams Discussionweb-part 

"Select channel" configuration

  • After selecting a team, the "Select channel" drop-down will appear for you to choose which channel you want to display.


"Select channel" configuration for the Teams Discussionweb-part. 


"Select theme" configuration

  • And lastly, you can choose between the Cassiopea or the Orion theme.


"Select theme" configuration for the Teams Discussion web-part 

  • Themes display :

For you to see, here's the difference between these two themes :

mceclip5.png                mceclip6.png

"Cassiopea" theme for the Teams Discussion web part "Orion" theme for the Teams Discussion web-part 

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