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Create a new Welcome To

There are two ways to create a new Welcome To. 

  1. Directly from the page via the button "New welcome to +"
  2. Via the "Manage content" icon.

Via the button "New welcome to +"

Click the button "new welcome to" to access a Welcome to creation form. 

  • Language: select in which language you want to publish the content (you can select both EN and FR options)
  • Title: title would be the full name of a new employee
  • Photo: upload the photo of a new employee
  • Description: you can provide a short description


  • Job: write a job title for a new employee
  • Content: If you write additional content about the employee and his future responsibilities, use the content text box.
  • Country: from the dropdown list choose the country an employee is based in
  • Department: from the dropdown list  choose the department an employee will be working in


If you created your content in english , you can translate automatically all the content in french in seconds. Then click on the FR button to access the French version.

  • Review the information and click publish.


Via the "Manage content" icon 

  • Click the "+" sign to manage content on the page.


  • Choose a content to create: Click "Welcome to"


  • Then click on "add content" and select "create an item".


  • Fill in the information in the "Welcome to" form, and click publish. 





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