Coffee machine tab


Requirement: The coffee machine tab is only available for Exchange Online (sending and receiving emails)

Authentication: First of all, you need to have an Advanced authentication configured in Powell Teams to use the coffee machine tab. This authentication is necessary for the Powell Teams app to have the rights to perform actions like sending meeting invitations and checking the availability of the users.


Additional configurations: You need to check the Virtual coffee machine option and add the account email to send the invitation. This account needs to be an O365 account with a valid Exchange license.

You can also set a default meeting invitation description that will appear for all invitations. An additional description can be personalized when configuring the tab in a channel; to adapt the text to the channel and the context.



Step 1: Add a Powell Teams tab into a channel. The tab will send invitations to the members of this channel.


Step 2: Select the Virtual Coffee Machine tab to add it to your channel


Step 3: Configure your Virtual Coffee Machine.

You can now edit :

  • The Coffee Machine meeting titles
  • The Frequency of the invitations
  • The time slots when the invitations are sent (Time slot format for meetings: 24h or am/pm)
  • The number of members you want to be matched per meeting
  • An additional description

You can also:

  • Personalize the email (the message) sent to teammates from the back office
  • Personalize the image 
  • Have a statistics review on the use of the coffee machine that will let the administrators get more insights on how the coffee machine is used among employees. The statistics will show how many of all invitations sent have been accepted ( but it will be anonymous).
  •  Set coffee machine for max 50 users.

*Invitations should be sent only during working hours



Note that the coffee machine is not supported yet on private channels.


When the Coffee machine is configured, you will receive an invitation through an email and a meeting invitation in Teams & Outlook.   

As an end-user, you can unsubscribe from the coffee machine and receive several coffee machine invitations from different channels.


The statistics that you can see on the image show the following: 

  • virtual coffee machine attendance
  • accepted meeting invitations

As an end-user, you can also change the Coffee Machine banner image. 


Uninstall a coffee machine tab

Any team owner can remove a virtual coffee machine tab in 2 clicks. 

First, click on "remove" on the tab menu.


And then you have to do the same in the following modal.


After that, no more meeting invitations will be sent to the team channel members.

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