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The Gamification Leaderboard web-part is a Powell 365 web-part that can be found on the Leaderboard, accessible from the Share on the social media page.

The gamification part will bring fun around the employee advocacy topic and involves employees in the company life.

The Gamification Leaderboard web-part will permit users to see their place based on their social interactions.

The user will be able to see the global ranking, the points, and the badges earned directly from this web part.


Gamification Leaderboard web-part on the “Share on social media” page




After selecting the Gamification Leaderboard web part, the following edit form will appear.  You will see how to configure each section of it below.

Gamification Leaderboard web-part edit mode form

Its configuration is quite simple as it's only displaying the user's ranking, so it only requires aesthetic configuration.

"Template" configuration

  • The template section is where you're going to select the display of the ranking in your web part. 

"Maximum result number" configuration

  • To set the number of users you want to be displayed, you'll have to fill in the “Maximum result number” section.
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