Frontline workers - Technical guide

1. Architecture

1.1. Architecture Overview 


1.2. Flow

 1.2.1. Contributor


1.2.2. Reader


2. Setup

2.1. Prerequisite & installation

You need first of all, an Azure subscription to deploy Non-office 365 workers resources.

Two azure services are required :

a. Azure Storage (blob): for storing your items (news, documents, pictures...)

- Pricing:

b. Azure Search: for indexing items. 

- Pricing:

You need to create these services manually:


2.2. Configuration

From Powell manager, on the Non-Office 365 workers,> Storage page fill in the information needed to reference your azure blob:



For the first two options you can find by opening in Azure the configuration of your search service :

On the picture :

1/ Is the Azure search service name

2/ Azure search service key

You need to copy-paste those two values in Powell Manager



For the third option, you can find it by opening in Azure the configuration of your storage account.

In the Highlighted picture, you need to :

1/ Open the Access keys page

2/ Click on the button "Show keys"

3/ Copy paste the value of the "Connection string" into the manager for the "Azure blob connexion string" field


3. Maintenance

3.1. Backup

To make the backup of your blob storage you have several solutions :


3.1.1. Snapshots

A snapshot is a read-only version of a blob that's taken at a point in time.


3.1.2. PowerShell Script

Plan the execution of a PowerShell script to perform the backup.

The full script can be found on Github here.


3.1.3. AzCopy

Plan the execution of an AzCopy command to perform the backup.



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