Create a page for your frontline workers


In this article, we are going to explain to you how to create a page dedicated to frontline workers and how to add it to the navigation menu of your app.


Create a new page

Step 1: Give a name for your page and select what kind of user you want to target


  • Here, select "Frontline workers"

Step 2 : Select a template


  • You can start with a blank page or copy an existing page. To know what is included in existing pages your can click the information button to see all the info of the page.


Step 3 : Your page is ready 


  • You can now access it to add components on it by clicking the "Go to page configuration" button.



Final step: Add web parts in your page

In the page edition, you can add components to your page by clicking the "Add a webpart" button.

A popin is opened with the list of all available web-parts 


The most important one is the "Frontline workers search" web part that will allow you to display content that has been pushed for frontline workers. So, store it in your dedicated Azure storage.


Customize your application navigation

Coming back to your application settings: In the Navigation panel, you can have an overview of the application menu for your Office workers (on the left) and Frontline workers (on the right).


From here by clicking on the "Create a new tile" button you can add a new navigation item.

You need to fill in:

- A title

- A description

- A tile help

- A profile: if you need to restrict access to specific people

- Choose a link: static url page or mobile application page created from the Powell manager

- The opening option, if you want to open inside the app, keep option unchecked. Otherwise, the link will be opened in the device browser

- An icon



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