Transversal | Together

Did you ever think about having your Intranet in Teams ?

It's now possible without any complex technical configuration with Powell Teams.

The template " Together" will allow you to create a team which take over the Together pages of your portal into team's channels.


Template settings

The following settings will be imported when you will create your template:

  • Channels & tabs:
    • General: /
    • 1 Company Life: Who are we?(Sharepoint x PTeams), News (Sharepoint x PTeams), Events (Sharepoint x PTeams),Share on social media (Sharepoint x PTeams)
    • 2 Search Corner: People Directory (Sharepoint x PTeams), FAQ (Sharepoint x PTeams), Search a document (Sharepoint x PTeams)
    • 3 抽 Facilities and IT: Book a desk (Sharepoint x PTeams), IT services (Sharepoint x PTeams)
    • 4 HR hub:Job Offers (Sharepoint x PTeams), Onboarding (Sharepoint x PTeams),Employee news (Sharepoint x PTeams), HR department(Sharepoint x PTeams)
    • 5 Departments: Finance (Sharepoint x PTeams), IT department(Sharepoint x PTeams), Legal (Sharepoint x PTeams)
    • 6 Social: Ads (Sharepoint x PTeams), Water fountain (Sharepoint x PTeams)
  • Privacy: Public team
  • Minimum number of owners: 2
  • Guest allowed:No
As an advice, we recommand to complete the template with the following additional configurations on your side:learn more on how to update a gallery template
  • Tabs you can add:
    • 3 抽 Facilities and IT: A power app that can be used to manage IT services requests and tickets
  • Naming convention: Onboarding Location | Department | [Team name]
  • Approval workflow: HR or manager as approver
  • Who can use this template: HR and managers
  • Tags: Department, Location, Business process and People tag (manager, HR, buddy)
  • Automation: Send a welcome message to the new onboardee
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