Conditional Access policies & Powell Governance

We are thrilled to share with you that Powell Teams is now Powell Governance, marking our expanded focus on Microsoft 365!

Powell_Governance_V1 1.png

Expect documentation to be reflect this change in the coming days. For more information, please have a look at this article.

A new Microsoft Teams build correct the issue: You maybe should wait until the end of June to install it.


What's happening with Conditional Access Policies and Powell Governance ?

Several of our customers cannot access Powell Governance through the Microsoft Teams desktop application. A white page is displayed when trying to connect to the app.

This issue is due to a bug on the Microsoft side. Their embedded browser into Teams app (Electron) does not support the Conditional Access policies for some apps. Unfortunately, Powell Governance is one of those applications because it is considered a personal tab.

We identified the issue to be caused by the following configuration within Conditional Access "Require Device to be marked as compliant and/or Require Hybrid Azure AD joined"

Here is the Microsoft documentation about it:

We opened a support ticket on the Microsoft side to ask for a fix. This article will be updated if we get any news about a patch.


What could you do to avoid the issue?

  1. Let us know that you encountered the issue with your tenant and open a support ticket. Please give us your tenant ID and the Conditional Access rules you set up.
  2. Open a Microsoft support ticket and contact your Technical Account Manager if you have one. It will help us to push a fix on their side.
  3. Set up a workaround solution. The two possibilities identified are the following ones:
      • Use Powell Governance through your web browser. Your Conditional Access policy will be respected, and you will no longer have any problems accessing our product.
  • Deactivate your Conditional Access policy concerning Powell Governance:
      • Go to the configuration page of your conditional access policy, then :
      • conditional.png

        1. Click on “Cloud apps or actions”
        2. Select “Cloud apps”
        3. Click on “Exclude”
        4. Click on “Select excluded cloud apps”
        5. Search for “Powell 365”
        6. Check the “Powell 365 – Teams” app
        7. Click on “Select”

        Then click on Save :

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