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On the "Together" home page, employees can access the most important news, documents, and information shared within their company.
The Home page is the first place to go for every user; it will condense the most important information around the whole portal for every user- depending on their department.
Below you have an example of a home page that you can have for your own company with "Together."



What will you find on the home page? 

When you deploy the portal "Together", it will be already pre-configured with several web parts.


News slider

With a "News-slider" web part, Comms can display the most recent news published within an organization. You can click the "see more" button to access the dedicated news page with all company news.

Click here, to see how to add news to this web part.


Recent events

"Recent events" web part will display the most recent events taking place in the company. Click the "see more" button to access a dedicated events page with the list of all company events. 


On the dedicated events page, you will be able to mark an event as a "favorite" and add it to your calendar. You just need to click the "❤️" icon to add an event to your favorites and click the button "add it to my calendar" to add it to your own personal calendar. 

If you see an event that interests you, you can click on it to access a full article displaying more details on that event. You will also be able to register for that event through this dedicated page.


The "create an event" button permits contributors to create a new event directly from the page.

Click here, to see how to create events and add them to this web part.



"Together" users will not spend a lot of time finding desired content on the portal. The search tab on the home page permits to search for any information in the entire environment. You can type a keyword and powerful search capabilities will immediately propose possible results: people, sites, and documents. 



Quick access

With the "Quick access" web part you can display business apps or quick links to different pages or sites that help employees stay productive during their workdays. 


Contributors can manage applications with the button "see more". As you click on it you will access a dedicated page with the list of all quick links. 


If you are a contributor and you would like to know how to create and manage quick access, click here


Recent department news

"Recent department news" web-part will provide access to news shared within a department. Read more about departments here.



Recent documents

"Recent documents" web-part will provide access to documents shared within a department. Read more about departments here.


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