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Together portal is composed of multiple sites. You will immediately have a portal provisioned with several pages when you deploy it. To better navigate all existing pages on the portal, "Together" offers already-predefined sections to simplify your experience. 

You will find on this page a short introduction to each section, their features, and tools ready to be used for "Together" users.


Please note that if you have site owner's rights, you will be able to manage the site navigation: modify sections, create new pages on your site, and add them to your site navigation. Check the article 🕵🏽‍♂️ Together administration (for site owners) for a detailed guide on how to do so. 


"Together" Sections


In "Together" you have a simple space that regroups key information and news regarding the company.  


My company - communicate a company vision, mission, and values to your employees.

All newsCommunicate key information to all employees, from the field to the office.

All events - Communicate key events to all employees, from the field to the office.

Share on Social MediaShortlist and communicate important articles to your employees and promote sharing them across personal social media platforms.



In "Together", you will find a search section that facilitates the daily lives of employees with advanced search capabilities. 


Search a content - Find any kind of content through a dedicated search page using keywords or refiners.

People Directory - Find necessary people and their contacts with a company directory page.

FAQ - Find the most commonly asked questions and answers surrounding your company and its products and services.



Access Facilities section, which regroups pages that help maintain employee safety, provide support services and ensure that the organization and its employees meet company requirements. 


Book a desk - Let your employees book a desk before going to the office, and ensure a healthy and safe environment.

IT Services -  Find an overview of an IT department, necessary contacts, IT-related news and documents, and quick access to essential tools.


HR Hub

HR teams have a simple space that regroups key documents and all daily HR services to welcome, manage and follow employee progression.​

Onboarding – A simple onboarding space with all training resources to quickly get all the necessary information about the company.

Job Offers - Get a clear overview of job opportunities to share on a personal social network.

Employee news - Here information on employees such as new employee arrival, birthdays, or changes of positions can be presented as news in a simple and effective way.

HR departement - Quickly access all of the company's HR tools, easily input your expenses or leave requests.​



Social Section in Together regroups pages that promote social life and the social interactions between company employees. 

Under the section, you will find pages that bring some fun to the daily work lives. 


Ads - Let your users create classified advertisements.

Water fountain- Build culture, create interactions and invite some fun between company employees with engaging social platforms like Water fountain.



Each department has its own space to gather its specific information and resources for easy access and sharing.​


Marketing – Store key marketing resources, product, and brand kits. Easily share internally and externally.
Finance - A simple space with key financial news and quick access to all performance monitoring dashboards.

Sales  - View all business, customer, and partner information, as well as legal and pricing documents

... and any other departments you want to add.


When the Together intranet is deployed, it only contains a few departments that probably might not reflect your company organization.  Site owners can easily rename them in the navigation or add new departments.


A summary of "Together"


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