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Deploying the "Together" solution will take no more than five steps and one hour.


Deploy Powell Teams (5')

If this is the first time you use Powell Teams, you can find an article describing step-by-step the installation of Powell Teams on your tenant.



Configure the app (10')

To proceed, follow the modifications presented below and deploy a complete Together portal:

  • You need to have an Advanced authentication configured in Powell Teams. This authentication is will allow using Together and will give  Powell Teams app rights to perform actions. 
  • You have to get the option to enable the creation of subsites(external link) on your SharePoint.
  • You need to have an app catalog created on your tenant. If you don't have any app catalog set up on your tenant, read the Microsoft documentation on setting it up here.


Step 1 :

When you are on the Powell Teams home page, click on the key on the top right of the page.


Step 2 :

Click "Teams administration center."


Step 3:

On the bord panel on the left of the page, click "Authentification" (in the "Administration" section)


Step 4:

If the admin's consent has not been validated, do it by clicking on the dedicated button.

In the "Additional permission" section, check "Advanced."


Step 5 :

Finally, you have to sync the SPFX package deployed if it's not up to date. To do so, click on "Sync SPFX package," then "Save."



Deploy your Together portal (20')

To deploy a Together Portal, you should open the "Teams administration center" of Powell Teams and go into the dedicated section "Together."



You'll have to click the "Generate a new portal" button.


Fill in the form fields ("Portal title," "Portal URL," and "Portal default language"). Once launched, the portal can take up to 20-25 minutes to be deployed. You can process any other action on Powell Teams during the portal creation.


The portal is an independent SharePoint site provisioned with several pages that should be filled with your own content.

Once generated, the portal URL will be displayed on the page, and you will then be able to generate a custom application package.


Add your portal into the Teams left menu (10')

To add quick access to Together 🤞 on the left bar of the Microsoft Teams menu, you have to generate a custom application package. In the "Together" section, click "Create a shortcut."


This form will ask you to indicate some information that will be regrouped in a ZIP file, allowing you to add it to your Microsoft Teams navigation.


Here are some details about those fields:

  • The name is displayed on the app button and on the top of your portal
  • The full name is not visible for your end-users
  • The description is not visible to your end-users. It will only be displayed on the Teams admin
  • The full description will only be visible in the "About" tab of your portal app

Then in the Teams admin (Microsoft Teams administration center), click the "Manage apps" section then "Upload" to add the ZIP file previously generated on your tenant.


Once done, click the "Setup policies" section (on the left), and select "Global (Org-Wide default)." Then click the "Add apps" button to add your Together app to the pinned apps for all users in your tenant. Save the updated policy.


This last step will make your "Together" app available to all users in the Teams environment once Microsoft applies the Teams Policy on users' devices (it can take some time to work). 



Create your associated Together team (10')

If you want to create a team that includes all your Together pages in the team channel as tabs, we have prepared a dedicated template in our Powell Teams gallery.

Just create a new template: click "Teams templates" from the menu, then click "Create a template":


Fill in the necessary fields ("Template name," "Template description"...).


Choose the template "Transversal | Together 🤞 | EN" as a reference for your template. Find here information about the Powell Teams templates gallery and click here to have more details on what's included in the "Together" template (for now, we have three versions of the portal and the templates: FR, EN, and DE).


In the "Template reference settings" section, check "Channels," "Tabs," and "Applications," then "Create a template."


Once the template is generated, you can leave the template configuration page and create the team. To do so, open the team creation wizard coming back on the home page and click "Manage your teams," "All teams," and "Create a team."

You can directly add all your employees to the team. Add your AAD group "All employees" to do so as team members. You can also add them manually- one by one.

The team will automatically include your portal pages inside the team, like tabs in your channels.


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