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What is Together?

  • Definition: Together is the communication and collaboration space for Small Businesses, typically between 50 and 300 employees. It is a complete and ready-to-use Intranet and Teams space that allows a centralized experience with more engagement and social interactions, while being very easy to deploy.
  • What's included: Together includes the Lookbook tools to deploy the template. It does not include Powell Intranet and its features (Powell Manager, Powell Intranet widgets). Please refer to the feature comparison at the end of this document for more information.


Deployment & access

  • Access.

Together is a solution that can be accessible :

As a regular intranet, e.g., a webpage in any browser

From a mobile in the Teams mobile app

As a button in Microsoft Teams - to provide a Viva Connections-like experience.

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  • Deployment

The deployment is composed of 3 steps: omandatory and two optional.

- The together portal (mandatory). It is deployed in SharePoint

- An app deployed in the left menu of Microsoft Teams (optional) 

The deployment is super simple and does not require technical skills.

See all details in Deploy your Together Intranet and the associated team.

  • How much time do I need to deploy Together?

While it requires less than 25min to technically deploy your Together portal, and 5 to 10min for the team creation, you will need about 2 to 3 days to implement your content: text, pictures, and links.


  • Is it possible to deploy several Together portals in the same Office 365 tenant?

Yes, you can deploy as many portals as you wish. That could be useful if you have an affiliate company that needs their own space in FR or EN as an example.



    • In which language is Together available?

    Together is available in French and English at the release of the feature. If a user accesses the portal with another language in his preferences, the English labels will be used by default. 

    • Can I customize the department pages and names?

    Department pages are preconfigured with a structure adapted to small and medium businesses.  You can do some modifications by adding some web parts (refer to the next section). When creating a site, you can choose its name and modify it if needed. If you want to have more specific customization, you will need to upsell Powell Intranet. 

    •  Can I add web parts to the pages?

    If you have the right to edit a page, you can add any SharePoint standard web part in your Together pages through the native SharePoint interface. This is available directly into all "Together" pages, whatever is your access mode: Microsoft Teams team, Microsoft Teams app, or directly into the browser. 

    Click here for more detailed information on adding and modifying web parts.


*Remember that you cannot add or edit Powell Intranet web parts in Together. 


    • Can I modify the main navigation?

Yes, you can modify the navigation in the Together portal. The navigation is compatible with the portal, internal links, and external portal links (for example, you can add a link to another site outside the "Together" portal or to a 3rd party application).

To update the navigation, you need to have the role "Site Owner" in the Together Portal.

To edit the navigation, you have to click the wheel on the top right of the page, then click "Manage navigation":



    • Can I modify the site theme and logo?

Yes. You can modify the theme - you can change site color, font, and logo.  

To do that, go to the settings icon and click "Manage theme".


You will be able to change site color, site logo, and font. 

Screenshot_2021-12-15_at_10.14.48.png. Screenshot_2021-12-15_at_10.15.13.png

  • Can I change the configuration of the different widgets available in Together?

No. The edit button is visible, but the service will not be available (widget is not editable) if Powell Intranet has not been subscribed.

  • Can I modify the refiners in the search engine?

The refiners are not customizable. The different categories (like File type or Site) will always be the same, but the filters in a category will be dynamic, depending on your portal content & structure. For example, if you create a department "Finance" and add content in it that will match your search query, the Finance department will be available in the Site category.


Important note: The Microsoft search feature gathers information from multiple sources, so adding new content somewhere in the portal can take a few minutes to make it available in the search result.

  • How to extend the Together Portal depending on your needs?

Case 1: Build only site as need

To build your Together portal you can choose between 5 site templates. You can choose to create all or only some of them. You even create many site based on the same template regarding your needs.

Case 2: Existing SharePoint site or content before the deployment of the Together portal

You can simply add a link to the resource in the global navigation.

Case 3: A new content -  a page as an example to describe an important topic in the company.

You can use the mechanism already available in SharePoint: Create and use modern pages on a SharePoint site (microsoft.com) and link your page in the global navigation.

You will not be able to reuse our widgets with specific configurations. However, all native SharePoint widgets will be available for use.

  • Is it possible to go further in the customization of the Together intranet?

It is not possible to go further in the customization of Together. To have more possibilities, you will have to upgrade to Powell Intranet.

  •  How do I add all my employees in Together?

To allow employees to access to Together portal:

  • Together Intranet: The Together intranet relies on Office 365 technology. It is the same as sharing a site in SharePoint: Share a site (microsoft.com)

Suppose you want to add a massive number of employees at the same time. In that case, you can add a list of employees with a security group (as an example, "All-Employees" available in the Azure Active Directory list).


Contribution experience & analytics

  • Who can contribute, aka add content, news, events, and photos?

By default, Together keeps the same way rights as managed in native SharePoint so that all the owners and members of the portal will be able to add and edit the content on intranet pages.

Learn more:

  • How to contribute?

We have made it easier to contribute on "Together" pages by adding and editing content buttons directly on the pages.


  • Can I access analytics for usage?

You can access a simple Analytics button for each page of your portal and get data about page viewers, average time spent, and page traffic on 7, 30, or 90 days.

In order to do that, click the settings button, then click "Page statistic".



Statistics appear on the left of the page:




Each Together portal is an independent SharePoint site collection provisioned with several pages that will then be able to be filled with your own content. It is based on Modern Experience with Communication sites.


Together vs. Powell Intranet

  • Choosing Together versus Powell Intranet briefly:

- Does my customer require branding customization?

- Does my customer require multilingual (variation) capabilities?

- Does my customer require ad hoc templating to create its own use-cases or look & feel?

- Does my customer require Gamification, Ideation, Sales RFP Templates?

If one of these questions is "YES", then Powell Intranet might be a better option.

Otherwise, why not benefit from a much lower implementation price (3 days versus 10 days+) / and teams governance/end-user capabilities.


  • How to switch from Together to Powell Intranet?

"As my company gets bigger, I need to have a more granular Intranet. I can buy Powell Intranet and use my existing Together site as a basis."

You"ll have nothing to do. When you upgrade your license with Powell Intranet, you will get access to Powell Manager - our SharePoint governance & designer tool for SharePoint ; and the Together Portal will be available in it.

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