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You can access a "People directory" page under the "Search " section.

This page will help you find all the contacts you need and their key information. It leverages the powerful search feature and the ability for Powell to add refiners. It also leverages "Delve" and offers information on all organization employees.

You can find a person you are looking for through the "Filters" on the left side, that display Job Title, Keywords, Office Location and Department.  

On the profile cards, an employee name, job title, a department he is working in, and his contact information will be displayed.



What can you do on the page?

Through the two icons in the employee card, you can easily send him a message in Teams, or write him an email. 


As you click the employee name, an information card will pop up on the right side of the page. It will list the employee's name and job title, the latest documents he has been working on. 



As you click “View More”, you will be redirected to the employee’s personal Delve page to access more detailed information - who they are working with, on what project, etc.  

The search & filters on the page allow tuning a search per business lines, offices job titles, etc…

For example, If you are looking for an IT manager working in the US, you will be able to find him/her in seconds by selecting values "US" for the location tag, "IT manager" for the job title tag, and "SharePoint" for keywords tag.

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