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On the "Together" portal, different users will perform various activities according to their user rights.

There are three types of user roles:

  1. Standard Users - most of the employees
  2. Contributors - few people who will own some page content
  3. SIte owners - One or two people (maybe in IT or in the HR/Marketing department)


Who can contribute, aka add content, news, events, and photos?

By default, Together keeps the same way rights as managed in native SharePoint so that all the owners and members of the portal will be able to add and edit the content on intranet pages.

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Standard Users

Standard users on the "Together portal" have limited rights. They mostly have a read-access, meaning that they will not have additional rights to contribute to creating content. However, standard users will benefit from light contribution capabilities : they will be able to create specific types of content such as company Ads and additionally will be able to submit articles and links for social engagement pages. 

If you are a standard user, you must read: 


"Together" contributor is a portal user with additional rights on the portal compared to a standard user. A "Together" contributor will contribute to creating, adding, and modifying content on the Intranet.  

However, a contributor will have limited rights than a Site Owner, who has additional rights on the portal.

Contributors will be able to:

  • Add and manage content on the pages
  • Add additional Sharepoint web parts to the page

If you are a contributor, you must additionally read:


Site Owners

"Together" portal Site owner is a portal user who has advanced user rights on the whole Sharepoint "Together" portal. 

In general, the site owners have the same rights as contributors, but the main difference is that "Together" site owners will additionally be able to:

  • Deploy Together Portal
  • Deploy an associated Teams site in Microsoft Teams
  • Create new pages on Together
  • Manage Navigation on the portal
  • Manage users and tenants

If you are a site owner, you must additionally read: 

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