🏦⚡ Ready-to-Use Intranet - How to manage "quick access" ?


When you deploy the portal, the pages will come empty, so you will have to build the content by yourself. Creating content is very easy on the portal. 

Each page will be already pre-configured with several web parts by default. We have made it easier to contribute on pages by providing administration pages.


Creating a "Quick access"

You will encounter the web part "quick access" on the portal's "Home". This web part allows employees to quickly access necessary pages, tools, and applications that will simplify their day-to-day work. 

To add content, click the button "See more". 


To create a "quick access", click the "New quick access" button. It will give you access to the creation form. 


Fill in the required information:

- Thumbnail: you can upload an icon/logo for quick access from your desktop or choose a file from Sharepoint

- Title: give a title to your item (whether it will be a page, an application, or any other tool). 

- Link: copy-paste the URL to a Site/webpage/application where you want to redirect your users. 

- Description: Describe your "quick access." 

Click the "Publish" button.


As you do that, your "quick access" will be created. It will appear on the web part and on the list of all quick access links. 


Modify/delete "quick access"

Each "quick access" link has a three-dots icon on the right end side of the page. The "edit" and "delete" buttons will appear as you click on them. 

Click "delete" to delete an unwanted link

Click "edit" to modify the information about the link, make your changes, then click "publish". 



Go to the end of this article : Together, quick start guide, to see all icons you can have an access.

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