🏦⚡ Ready-to-Use Intranet - Manage the "events"?


When you deploy the portal, the pages on the portal will come empty, so you will have to build the content by yourself. Creating content is very easy on the portal. 

Each page will be already pre-configured with several web parts, by default. We have made it easier to contribute on pages by providing administration pages.


Creating events

You will encounter the web part "Events" on the "Home" page.

Adding content for both will be similar.

If you are on the home page, click the button "See more". You will be redirected to the "Events" page.


Click the "Creta an event" button to access the event creation form.


Then fill the required information:

  • All-day event: Choose this option If the event is lasting all-day
  • Title: Give your event a title
  • Image: You can add an image for your event 
  • Contacts: Indicate contact information, a name, or an email address in case attenders need additional information
  • Number of places: You can indicate the number of places available for a particular event
  • Need approval: Indicate if the event needs approval or not
  • Comment: Use this space to add more information on the event.
  • Location: Choose a location where the event is taking place
  • Category: You can select the type of meeting.

Ex: Brainstorming, Team-building, Training

  • Start date: Indicate the start date and starting hour of the event.
  • End time: Indicate the end time – the date and hour.

Then, click "Publish".



Your event will be created and it will appear on the web part, as well as the "Events" page.


Modify/delete an existing event

As said before, all created events will be listed on the portal's events hub page.

If you want to make changes to a created event, just click the event that you want to modify. It will open a dedicated page of that specific event. 

Click the "Edit" button on the right side of the event. 


It will open the event form, where you will be able to proceed with your modifications. 

As you're done making changes, click "Publish". 


To delete an event, in the same form, click the button "delete".


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