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On the "Together" portal, site owners will be able to define the audience for each page. That is one of the great benefits of the site. Companies that have several business lines, will need to target a specific group of people for specific pages or departments. 

Especially, department pages might need the feature of audience targeting. For instance, in the finance department, finance people share important budget documentation that is not always aimed to be viewed for any other departments in the company. Here is where the audience targeting comes into play: with this great feature, site owners can make the page visible only for finance people so that only they have access to important documentation.


How to enable audience targeting in navigation

It is very easy to allow audience targeting for a page. It happens in the site navigation.

Step 1:

To activate this feature for a specific page, you need to access the site navigation on the "Home" page. To do that, click the wheel, then click "Manage navigation".

Step 2: 

Click the three-dots button next to the name of the page who you want to target, then click the "Edit" button.


Step 3:

As you click the edit button, a window will pop up on the right to permit you to "Edit the navigation node". Here you will be able to define the audience for the page.


On the left panel, click "yes." It will open the possibility to choose an audience on the right panel.


Step 4:

In the right panel, in the "Audience to target" part, start typing a group name (office 365 group) that you want to target for your page. For example, if it is a Finance page, I will add a Finance group. 

Then, click "Save".


That's it. Your page will only be visible for the group you will add on the right panel, in the audience targeting tab.


If you want to know how to create groups, check the following part.


SharePoint audience targeting

How do I create a group in Office 365?

To choose audiences for "Together" pages, you need to create and define groups in Office 365. To do that, click here.

If you want to know more, you can read the following page from Microsoft:

audience targeting work in Sharepoint.

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