Template saving & mutliple team updates


A Powell Teams administrator can update multiple workspaces at once from the template itself. It is possible to save this template after some changes and reapply its configuration to the associated workspaces after the save.


How does it work?

After having made modifications to a template, if you save it - you will have a choice to save it normally or save it and apply the changes on all the workspaces associated with this template.


All the configurations of the template will be updated in the associated workspace:

  • Channels 
  • Additional configurations 
  • Members 
  • Tabs 
  • Applications
  • Tags

Powell Teams will only add the missing configurations on the impacted workspaces. The process will not remove any channel, tags, member, tab, or application. It will only add the missing ones present in the template and not yet in the workspace.

Applying a template on several teams at once will not :

- Re-apply the site design of the template

- Re-apply the naming convention of the template 

- Reset to the date of the day, the expiration date of the template


Once saved, Powell Teams will update all the workspaces impacted in distinct job tasks.

If a different naming convention has been applied, then workspace owners or administrators will have to update the team so that the new naming convention is applied. 

We do not update team names for two main reasons:

- Tag values present in the new naming convention can be empty

An incremental number would be added at each template edition

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