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Company events adaptive card allow your user to quickly have an access to next event planed in the company and register to them if needed.


The first step displays the list of next planned event publish in the selected site in the configuration.

Note: that the component works only with the Event hub feature available in the ready-to-use intranet - home intranet & standalone template - event hub  templates.



The user cans click on the "Details" button to see and learn more about the event.



From there the user can choose to :

  • register to the event if there is still enouth place. Once he have registered, the number of place left is decreased and if there is moderation on registration the organizer will receive an email to confirm the subscription
  • see the complete page of the event by clicking on he "See the event". He will be redirected to the detail page configured in the setting of the component


As a Contributor you can access to the configuration of the component. That's mean you can choose some options :

  • Card size (standard option for Adpative card) : Large or medium
  • Card title : Define the title display on the vcard, only one language is supported here
  • Card icon : Define the picture displays on the vcard
  • Card description : Define the descroiption display on the vcard
  • Event hub site collection url: The absolute url of the root site where the events hub site is deployed
  • Event hub site url : The absolute url of the site where store the events (can be the same as before)
  • Event hub details page : Set the page used to display the event
  • Number of events to show : Define the number of events displays in step 2 of the card
  • Api environment : Testing or Production. That define if you want to use our testing or production API. We advise you to use the Production one to be on a stable environment.
  • Audience targeting (standard option for Adaptive card) : you can choose group(s) that will be able to see the component in their Dashboard. Please note that it's limited to 50 groups.


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