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Site members (contributors) will be able to contribute to the portal by creating various content on the intranet. Creating content on the intranet is simplified through the intranet content creation capabilities.


Creating content

The Powell Intranet lets you create content in two ways:

  • Through content creation features on the intranet header.
  • Through the creation buttons available on intranet pages

Creating content through the header 

On the Powell intranet header, you will find buttons that will let you create/manage your content.

Screenshot 2022-02-01 at 17.46.17.png

Create Content 

Click the "+" sign to directly create content. You can also create content on the menu that appears by hovering and click on "Create content".  Note that the + is only available if you have the right to add some content in the current site. 


It will open up a pop-in, where you need to choose what type of content you want to create. The options differ from site to site.

For example, when I am on the News Hub page and click the "+" sign, I have the following options:

Screenshot 2022-02-01 at 18.03.00.png

When I am on the Events Hub page, I have the following options: 

Screenshot 2022-02-01 at 18.03.18.png

Choose the type of content you want to create in each case, and follow the instructions. 


Creating content through the buttons 

On the Intranet pages, you will encounter the buttons that permit you to create content directly from the pages. Creating content always follows the same process. As you click the buttons, it will open up a creation form that you need to fill in and publish.


Once the content is created, if additional features are enabled, the user can do more actions on it as :

  • Duplicate it in other available languages
  • Notify users on mobile
  • Make the content available for deskless workers
  • Create drafts to preview content


Access the content created by you (contribution board)

To access the content you have created, you can go directly to the page where you have published this content. For example, If you've published news, go to the News Hub page. 

However, you can also access a page to view all the content you have created. 


Hovering the + button and click on "Edit content".


Screenshot 2022-02-01 at 18.13.25.png

It will open up a dedicated page with the list of different types of content you've created. You will be able to filter this content according to different values.

You can also edit the content directly from this page if you want to modify anything. 

Screenshot 2022-02-01 at 18.17.08.png

Edit the content 

Content editing actions are available for :

  • News details view
  • Event hub details view
  • Contribution board
  • Graph list view

When clicking on the edit content menu, a dropdown is displayed with all editing actions. 





Edit will open the selected content in the contribution, allowing you to edit it directly in the current language.

Once you have finished editing your content, click Save as Draft to set your content as draft and Publish to republish it with the changes you made.



If your content is compatible with notifications and you have a mobile application enabled, you can directly notify users with the selected content.

It will open content in notifications panel trough the contribution, and allow you to select the audience who will receive the notifications for all your mobile application available. 

Click on Send to send the notifications. 



If your content is compatible with variations, you can click on Manage Translation to open your content in the current variation.

It will open content in translation panel trough the contribution, and allow you to edit current your content in different variations available or to create a content in a specific variations. 

For already created content, click on Go to your content to open content in the selected language and click on Edit to edit it in the selected language.

For untranslated content, select a language and click on Create button to duplicate content in the selected language.



Delete will allow you to delete your content in the current language. 



Select Also delete item's variation languages to delete the content and all its language variation.

Click on Yes to confirm the deletion and No to go back to the content.

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