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In Ready-to-Use Intranet templates, you can manage a focus list to highlight important content to your users like important news, a page, a document, or external content...



To manage the focus list, you will need to be part of the SharePoint Site Owner group. On each site's homepage, as a site owner, you will have a button "SITE Configuration" that aggregates all settings available for this site.

On the site configuration page, click on the Manage Focus section.


You will get access to the current list of focus.

You can

  1. Add new focus by clicking the "add a focus" button
  2. Edit or delete an active one by clicking the "3 dots" button on the right of contact. 



A contact is composed of

  • a people picker to pick someone from the directory
  • a title section to highlight the contact role




  • Only the latest created focus is displayed on the site's homepage.





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