🏦⚡ Ready-to-Use Intranet - Manage the department applications


In Ready-to-Use - Department template, you can manage a list of applications to highlight important content to your users. For example, in a Finance department site, the applications to manage the budget,  the timesheet, access the shared price, and so on...



To manage the application list, you will need to be part of the SharePoint Site Owner group. As a site owner, you will have a button "Site Configuration" on each site's homepage, which aggregates all settings available for this site.

On the site configuration page, click on the Manage applications section.


You will get access to the current list of applications.

You can

  1. Add a new application by clicking the "Add an application" button
  2. Edit or delete an active one by clicking the "3 dots" button on the right of an application. 



An application is composed of

  • a title
  • a thumbnail
  • the url of the application







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