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in some Ready-to-Use Intranet templates, you can manage a document repository to centralize and share important documents on the site.




the document repository includes:

  1. A search box to search specific content in the document list
  2. The "add document" button for people with the role site members or site owners
  3. A set of refiners to filter the documents list based on author/creation date
  4. The content list is available in the site. They are ordered by creation date DESC


To manage the documents as a contributor, you need to be part of the SharePoint Site Owner group or Member group. As a contributor, you will get access to:

  • the "add document" button on the document repository page
  • the capacity to edit or delete a document within the "Documents" list in the site 

learn more about list managment

A document is composed of

  • a Title
  • the document to upload







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