Introduction to Microsoft VIVA Connections

What is Microsoft VIVA Connections

Microsoft Viva Connections is one of the four Microsoft Viva modules. It provides a bridge between SharePoint sites and Microsoft Teams. Viva Connections allows users to discover and search for content, sites, and news directly from the Microsoft Teams main menu to enable:

  1. Linking SharePoint into Microsoft Teams
  2. Highlighting of specific resources
  3. Finding corporate information directly from Microsoft Teams
  4. Searching content in SharePoint from within Microsoft Teams
  5. Providing VIVA Connections cards to synthetize the intranet information in mobile applications through a dedicated dashboard

learn more:  Viva Connections Employee Communication Solution | Microsoft Viva(external link)


How to install Microsoft VIVA Connections

Microsoft VIVA is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, you can find the installation guide here: Guide to setting up Viva Connections | Microsoft Docs(external link)


Powell Intranet & Microsoft VIVA Connections

Powell Intranet is 100% compatible with Microsoft ViVA Connections features. Following the installation guide provided by Microsoft:

  • You still benefits the powerful navigation provided by Powell Intranet to navigate into your intranet
  • Any Powell Intranet site can be promote as Home site and used as the welcome page of the Microsoft VIVA Connections application in Microsoft Teams
  • The SharePoint app bar is compatible with Powell Intranet templates, you can choose to keep it or not
  • You can add a dashboard page to a Powell Intranet site promoted as Home site in SharePoint. In addition Powell Intranet provides additional cards associated to the iconic features of Powell Intranet. We actively work to extend the number of cards associated to Powell features to provide the best experience with the SharePoint dashboard
  • Powell intranet content is 100% ready for the Microsoft VIVA Connections feed as we host all your data within Microsoft 365
  •  You can install the Microsoft VIVA Connections app following scripts provided by Microsoft or use our generator to get it in seconds
  • You can set the dashboard in the SharePoint mobile application and/or reuse it also into the Powell Apps mobile application.
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