Introduction to right management


Powell Intranet, as it is based on top of SharePoint, will use the right management configured in SharePoint. 


  • Only one product to manage your rights
  • You are secured,  everything is managed & controlled by Microsoft.
  • Powell Intranet is compatible with any security rules put in place by your Microsoft 365 administrators on Azure Active directory, like multi factor authentication (MFA),  password recovering, password expiration and so on.

Powell Intranet will use the same 3 different roles provided by SharePoint

  • Site visitors
  • Site members
  • Site owners

Site visitors

Site visitors will have access to Intranet content in read access and will be able to engage in several activities such as: 

  • Registering for company events (mark events as a favorite, add events to their personal calendars)
  • Accessing personal board and connecting their personal Outlook applications
  • Participating in discussions offered through web-parts
  • Sharing the Intranet content (through email, in MS teams, Yammer, and on social media platforms)
  • Creating and suggesting content for employee advocacy programs and gaining points
  • Creating advertisements
  • Registering  and applying for job offers

Site members

A site member is an intranet user who has additional rights on the intranet compared to a site visitor  An Intranet contributor will be able to contribute to creating, adding, and modifying content on the Intranet including pages, documents and list items

Intranet contributors will be able to add content on the Intranet pages. Powell Intranet provides a set of predifined content available depending on the site template used for the site.

This means also that they will able to add and configure web parts.  To see how to add and configure web parts on the Intranet, go to the section "Web parts". In this section, you will find the list of all web parts that can be added and configured on the intranet.

See the dedicated section for site members.

Site owners

Site owners have the same rights as contributors and additionally will be able to 

  • Manage the navigation
  • Manage the theme
  • Manage the access
  • Access the site usage
  • all settings provided by SharePoint for a site.

See the dedicated section for site owners

Acces management

To learn more about SharePoint right management:


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