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We are thrilled to share with you that Powell Teams is now Powell Governance, marking our expanded focus on Microsoft 365!

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Expect documentation to be reflect this change in the coming days. For more information, please have a look at this article.

What is the Powell Governance governance score?

The governance score is the amount of followed recommendations based on the most important Microsoft 365 governance best practices.

We created this score to help our customers to have better control over their Microsoft Teams environment and SharePoint environment. Setting those governance rules is not necessarily innate at the beginning. Thanks to our experience and one of our customers and partners, we wanted to guide this process of setting up Microsoft Teams governance with this governance score.

This score is based on our recommendation that we advise following. It has been designed to correspond to the most organization possible. However, we know that some of the criteria could not be aligned with your particular company context.

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Powell Governance score is calculated depending on the recommendations that have been completed.


How the governance score is calculated?

The Powell Governance score is determined based on how well teams and sites adhere to recommended governance practices. Specifically, if fewer than 10% of teams or sites fall within the scope of a particular recommendation, that recommendation is considered complete

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For administrators, this process is made efficient through the recommendations page, which not only provides personalized insights but also enables immediate action. This functionality allows administrators to quickly understand and rectify any issues directly from the recommendations page, ensuring rapid correction and improved governance compliance.

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