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What is the Powell Teams governance score?

The Powell Teams governance score is based on information that the Powell Teams application has access to with advanced consent.

We created the Powell Teams governance score to help our customers to have better control over their Microsoft Teams environment. Setting those governance rules are not not necessarily innate at the beginning. Thanks to our experience and one of our customers and partners, we wanted to guide this process of setting up Microsoft Teams governance with this governance score.

This score is based on our recommendation that we advise following. It has been designed to correspond to the most organization possible. However, we know that some of the criteria could not be aligned with your particular company context.


Powell Teams governance score is calculated at 100 %. Your score will give you a "level" from beginner to expert.

0 to 50 points: Beginner - Red zone of the counter
50 to 75 points: Intermediate - Yellow zone of the counter
75 to 100 points: Expert - Green zone of the counter

How Powell Teams governance score is calculated?

As mentioned above, the Powell Teams governance score is calculated on the result of a weighted average based on several criteria with various degrees of importance:


1. Tenant health overview KPIs


Less than 10% of teams with less than 2 owners: 5pts
Less than 10% of teams with less than 2 members: 5pts
Less than 10% of inactive teams with guests: 5pts
Less than 2,5% of teams without owners: 5pts
Less than 50% of big teams: 5pt
Less than 35% of public teams: 5pts
Less than 20% of inactive teams: 5pts


2. Governance tips


Consent to delegated permissions: 5 pts
Consent to advanced permissions: 10 pts
Create your first tags: (at least 2 tags): 10 pts
Create your first naming conventions (at least 2 naming conventions): 10 pts
Create your first templates (at least 2 templates): 10 pts
Lock self-service creation: 5 pts
Automate admin tasks (at least 2 bot scenarios): 5 pts
Go further with automation (at least 1 automation created): 5 pts
Discover Powell Teams tabs (at least 1 Powell Teams tab in a team): 5 pts
Control your teams with templates (at least 50% of the teams associated to a template): 10 pts
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