April Updates

This month, As Powell Intranet users, you probably want to connect and engage all your employees. To make even more difference in employee participation and engagement, we introduce new gamification capabilities and the new "Must-Read" capability.


New Must-Read Capability:


Sometimes important company-related documents shared on the Intranet are left unnoticed. As a company stakeholder, you must ensure your employees are informed about critical business information and policies. To guarantee that employees read these company-essential documents, we introduce the “must read” capability on the Intranet. Comms and HR will be able to push and highlight any news, documents, or items as “must read”. Employees will get notified through the notification feature while the stakeholders will be able to track how the content is consumed.



Want to learn more?

Check the full article on the Help center.


Gamification - Gaining points:

Gamification is an essential practice for maximizing employee excitement and improving Intranet adoption. Since last year, we have introduced various Gamification capabilities on the intranet allowing employees to gain points for their different actions.

Check our videos on gamification capabilities.

How to Boost Employee Advocacy with Gamification and Digital Workplace Templates

Increase engagement with Ideation


Check also our Helpcenter article on Gamification.


To continue this path, we allow adding a new gamification element for contribution. This new capability will enable employees to accumulate points every time they create content through the Powell header contribution tool.



New analytics in the mobile app:

From now on, it will be possible to generate analytics for the Powell Intranet mobile app to track progress toward business goals and aid with creating a better user experience:  Date & Time of application connection for users, Most and Least clicked nodes in the application.

The new analytics dashboard is available from Powell Manager. 



Find out more in the dedicated article. 


New header and Contribution Experience

Starting at the end of this week, a new theme cannot be defined with Cassiopea
header anymore. As a reminder of new header roll-out, the new contribution experience will arrive on the 21st of June. Read more here.



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