Install and start a Powell Teams


New to Powell Teams? Click here for the full product overview. 


You will learn in this section how to install Powell Teams, start a trial and manage the application access to connect to Microsoft Teams.


Install Powell Teams


💡 Tips: Those steps needs to be completed by a Microsoft Teams administrator (an 
admin consent is required).

We advise to install the application on an in private window of your favorite
browser directly heading to


From the Microsoft Teams application, go to the Microsoft Teams store (external link) and search for the Powell Teams application 


In the Powell Teams application description, click add.


Request a trial

The Powell Teams app will be available in the Microsoft Teams left menu. Click on it then fill out the short form to start the free trial. 


After the submission, you will be quickly contacted by a Powell Teams sales representative who will give you a link to activate the trial.


💡 Tips: The first user that will connect to Powell Teams after validating the 
consent needs to have access (at least) in read only to the SharePoint rootsite of
the tenant. Old tenants are more likely not to meet this requirement.


Manage application authorizations

After the trial activation, the next step will be to allow Powell Teams to connect to your Microsoft Teams environment.  For this step, you will need to be a global Microsoft 365 administrator or ask one of your Microsoft 365 administrator to validate the application. Without validation by an administrator the application will not be able to connect to Microsoft Teams. 

The administrator just needs to add the app like in the Install Powell Teams section and he will access an access management page. 


The access management for Powell Teams is splited into two kind of authentication for a maximum level of security

  •  Default permission:  there are the rights used by the connected users to the application.  All actions are done by the connected user rights it will ensure that they will only see what they can see in Microsoft 365 and they will be able to perform actions only based on the rights you set in Microsoft 365. This is the minimum access management required by Powell Teams.
  • Advanced permission:  there are the rights used by the Powell Teams application itself.  It will allow the Powell Teams application to execute reports and analytics on your Microsoft Teams environment to give you insights & recommendations on the actions to perform.  We strongly recommend to validate this right to have a complete overview of your Microsoft Teams environment. In other cases you will only see information about the teams you manage.
💡 Tips: The default permission is mandatory. Even if you already consented to the 
advanced one.

As a global Microsoft 365 administrator, you only need to click on the two consent button and validate the Azure Active Directory applications. After that the administrator should click on "Start trial" to launch effectively the trial.

To learn more about the rights we use with Powell Teams, please check the section: Manage Authentication & Admin consent


Manage application access

Powell Teams is structured into two main sections

  • the user dashboard:  it is targeted to company users in general and this is the main access to Powell Teams.  Company users can access their teams by tags, manage favorites create teams based on templates and much more. The user dashboard is open to everyone in the company. To learn more about the user dashboard, see Welcome page 
  • the administration dashboard: it is targeted to few administrators to manage the governance rules of Microsoft Teams, the teams templates & take actions based on the report results. To learn more about the administration section: Administration dashboard.  the administration dashboard can be accessed from user dashboard in the right menu of the application.

Share the user dashboard to everyone

In the admin menu (Microsoft Teams administration center), click on "Setup policies", select the "Global (Org-Wide default)" and then "Add apps" to add the Powell Teams app to the pinned apps for all users in your tenant. Save the updated Policy


The Powell Teams app will be available to all users in the Teams environment once the Teams Policy is applied (it can take some time to be taken into account) by Microsoft on users' devices. 


Add new Powell Teams administrators

By default the account who make the diffferent consents in the manage application authorizations section is the first administrator account for Powell Teams.  You can add new administrators with this account by following the procedure: Manage administrators in Powell Teams


Microsoft Teams diagnostic

After validation of the advanced permission,  Powell Teams will start an analyze of your Microsoft Teams environment.  Depending the activity on your Microsoft Teams environment: number of teams, channels, users and so on... the first analyze can take few minutes to few hours to be completed.  After the first analyze you have everything in hands to start to optimize your Microsoft Teams environment: First steps with Powell Teams.

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