May Updates

FlexDesk for mobile: We have prepared a dedicated view for an optimized experience of FlexDesk on mobile devices. It fits all your screens no matter the size.

As a reminder, there has been a lot of updates for FlexDesk in the last few months. You can find all the newest features here.

Read more articles on the FlexDesk template-  FlexDesk



New seasonal themes: We make it even easier to apply seasonal themes on the Powell Intranet to bring more fun to your workspace. They are now available from a drop-down menu pre-loaded by Powell Software directly on the front page.

All customers will be able to use the seasonal themes directly through the header contribution button. No need to add any code into the Powell Manager.

Read more about applying themes on the intranet here.


Must Read: We already introduced the “Must-Read” feature in the last release, and we are happy about your great feedback. In addition to highlighting & pushing content as “must read” on the intranet, you will have an option to export on CSV the list of people who read the content. We also prepared a dedicated “Policies” template as a possible use of the “must-read" capabilities.

Access the technical document on the “Must Read” capability for more information.



Improved Image map web part: We have optimized our image map web part, and now it is even easier to define different clickable overlays on images to redirect your users to specific content.



Retirement of the Cassiopeia header: As a reminder, the Cassiopeia header will no longer be available for any new deployment after 1st of May.. For more information, click here.

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