June Updates

In this June update, in addition to new Powell Intranet features, we have prepared a huge announcement for you. 

 As our customers suggested, Powell Software will be in partnership with We advocacy - a digital communication platform that allows companies to communicate better using innovative formats. It will be the ideal complement to your Digital Workplace. We will continuously update you on all the new, great benefits this partnership will bring you.


New partnership

We are pleased to announce the conclusion of a strategic partnership with We advocacy to strengthen employee engagement.

We advocacy, through an innovative notification system, allows you to highlight important intranet information directly on your employees' screens. Seamlessly integrated into the Powell suite, you will be able to considerably increase your reading and engagement rates for your articles or newsletters.

1. Select any information (news, events, newsletters, reports, training) you want to promote to your employees.

2. Send the selected information as a notification to an employee PC.

3. A notification automatically pops upon an employee's screen. (PC)


As part of this partnership, We advocacy offers 6 months of free subscription with an unlimited number of licenses to the first 3 customers.

Get an overview of the partnership between WeAdvocacy & Powell Software with this short video.


Top users on Kudos

Understand how your campaigns work with a new web part displaying top users for each Kudos topic. You can deploy it on the Kudos wall.


Display the number of users' actions

 A new web part displaying user activities. You can deploy it on the employee advocacy page.


*The web parts, "Top users on Kudos" and "Shares" (display user activities) will be both a part of an upcoming template, "Adoption Report." The new template will be available in the June release. 

Engagement Analytics

 Understand how employees engage in your intranet with the engagement leader board. It will categorize your employees into three types of Intranet users: Observers, Amplifiers, and Engagers. The report is available as a Power BI pack that collects data from gamification.



Powell Intranet public API officially launched

We are pleased to announce that Powell Intranet now has a public API to trigger actions. The first endpoint allows managing mobile notifications in Powell apps.

There are two ready-to-use use cases:

  1. 3rd party app notification in Powell Apps (such as ServiceNow).    e.g.  Users will receive a notification on their mobile applications when a ticket status is changed in the ServiceNow app.
  2. Mobile notifications for new Must-read policies created on the intranet.  e.g. Users will receive a notification on their mobile applications, every time there is a new must-read policy is posted on the intranet.



Improved Search capabilities

You can now link the "Search with a tab" web part to a "Search box" web part.


Seasonal themes

We previously announced that our new seasonal themes will be available for Powell Intranet. You will be able to directly from your SharePoint page. If you want a specific theme, please feel free to suggest it. You could get a chance to see yours in the next few months.


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