July Updates

One of the primary responsibilities of Comms teams is to push the news to company employees. Delivering this information to employee computers via a browser is not the only option you have available to you. You can do this with our Powell Apps mobile apps for Apple App Store and Google Play. All clients with access to Powell Manager can use this feature at no additional cost.

Mobility is essential in today's world, so we want to highlight the great new features you get with Powell Apps.


A New Default layout

To make it easier for customers to implement Powell Apps, we are implementing a new default layout to deploy to your users when you create a new Powell tenant. If you already have a tenant, you can directly use the wizard to create an app.

The app is for basic use, and it simplifies the rollout process.

Click here for our deployment guide.

*Contact us, or your partner if you do not have access to Powell Manager.


Mobile application report

The mobile application report will now provide you with additional data on user notifications and subscriptions.

With a new web part, you will have a vision of your mobile application usage. 

You will be able to see:

  • Who and what kind of users have registered to the app (connect at least one time)
  • The number or notification sent and the reading rate
  • The number of subscriptions done
  • The number of clicks done on each menu item


Click here to see how to configure mobile analytics.


New Contribution Process

As we announced earlier this year, the intranet contribution process has been rebuilt and modernized. Users have direct access to the content creation process and can quickly create content on the current site. Find out more here.

The new contribution experience is working with Cassiopeia headers. But we remind you that Cassiopeia headers will work only until December 2022. After they will be automatically replaced by the Orion one bar tools.

Be careful, if you have configured a description for your content types in Powell Manager (Intranet deployment tool), it will be displayed by default on hover.



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