Powell Teams release July 2022

Approval Workflow options

In the template settings, there is now an option to select the requestor's manager as an approver of a team. The option is available in any Powell Teams template while an approval workflow is set up.

The requestor's manager will receive a notification on his Powell Teams dashboard to review the team creation.

Suppose a person does not have a manager or the manager field is not filled out in Azure Active Directory - o one will receive the notification if the manager is the only one designated as approver. In that case, Powell Teams administrators will still be able to approve or deny the team creation request in the Powell Teams Administration Center.

See Team template settings



New access to reports from the Admin Dashboard

On the Admin Dashboard, in the Health Overview, the KPIs are now clickable and provide direct access to the reports page.


see Administration Dashboard

New Reports

 We will release three new reports: Inactive Teams with guests, Big teams (>1GB), and Public teams.

Reports related to team members and owners will be separated into individual reports: Missing owners, missing members based on the template rules, insufficient owners, and insufficient members based on our governance recommendations. We recommend that each team have a minimum of two owners and two members for a total of four users.


see Reports


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