Powell Teams release August 2022

New button to send a message to team owners

With Powell Teams health check, you are already equipped with a powerful dashboard and reports to identify governance issues with your teams. To further help administrators address these issues, we offer a new button in all reports, that allows sending a message in Microsoft Teams and reminding team owners to take action. When you click the button "send message to owners", it will open up a panel, letting you select team owners whom you want to send a message. When you do this, a chat will open in Microsoft Teams where you can personalize your messages and alert team owners to improve governance issues related to their teams. In this way, we can ensure that governance issues do not go unnoticed.Screenshot_2022-07-18_at_17.44.38.png

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Download reports as CSV for all teams

In Reports, you already had an option to download a CSV file for each existing report. Now, additionally, you can choose to download a CSV file for all teams in your tenant. This file contains all existing report columns in a single place. This allows you to create personalized reports on Power BI or other third-party tools.


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