Release 2023 - 16th of September

Welcome to the September release! We are very proud to present the new features, and we hope you will love them!

Let's begin with a short overview:


Standardization of the content editing menu

Have the same menu for all content editing menu actions :

  • News details view
  • Event hub details view
  • Contribution board
  • Graph list view




Additional options in the edit content menu

You can now notify and edit your content directly in the editing menu 


Notify will open your content in the contribution panel, allowing you to send notifications about your edited content. Be sure your content has notifications enabled and you have a Powell application.



Manage Translations will open your content in the Contribute panel, allowing you to translate your modified content based on the language variations in your site collection. Ensure that variations are enabled and that your content is compatible with variations. 


Better management of mobile application package

In Powell Apps, for all Premium applications, you can now have a history of all your deployments with :

  • The version deployed
  • The platform
  • Last compilation date¬†
  • and Actions¬†
    • For successful deployment: Download and delete the package¬†
    • For unsuccessful deployment: Investigate the error during the deployment




A social network wall

We combined Power Automate and the Powell connector to create a new Flow: Social Wall.

This feed aggregates content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and generates a specific SharePoint list. Search and Graph define this list in a custom view to display all aggregated content. 

This social wall demonstrates what Powell Connector can do through Power Automate; specific documentation is about to arrive.





 You can now click on Select all filters to directly enable all values inside the preferences, inside the Search web part. 




Modern intranet

A new product Modern Intranet is now available for all tenants. 

Set by default for all new tenants, Modern Intranet will focus Powell Manager on Modern-related features only and won't display Publishing features anymore, such as the creation of :

  • Publishing site templates
  • Page layouts¬†
  • Page templates creation
  • Content types
  • Cassiopea Widget view



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