Accessibility Features


We added new options for the user from the Powell tools to change accessibility options on the site.

A user can select to change the contrast of the site or the font to adapt it for Dyslexia.




Example of a site with a Dyslexia font


Example of a site with high contrasts


That this feature is not available for Themes using modern Theming.

It is available by default, but you can disable them from the site collection settings.

You may need to synchronize Powell Lists to deploy the related Powell hidden list "/PowUsersSettings".

To do so you need to go to Powell Manager on the Site collection management page. From there, in the setting of your site collection, click on "Sync Powell lists".

Also, note if you have a custom header (cloned from a Powell one) need to add this new directive to the HTML code to handle the Accessibility menu.



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