Social Wall

This feature demonstrates a social media aggregator made via Power Automate. It depends on the social media API, and Powell does not support the integrity of these APIs.
Powell proposes a model that does not guarantee this functionality's support or integrity.

Social Wall

We created a Social Wall that aggregates social network data through a Sharepoint list via a Power Automate feed linked to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube API. This list is then displayed with a Powell Graph Web part. 

Link to the Powell Social Wall



You will need to meet specific prerequisites for each social network to leverage their API. 


Official documentation : Création d’une application - Développement d’applications (




Official documentation :




Official documentation :


  • Validate the application in the Instagram settings :




Power Automate

Now that you have fulfilled all the prerequisites to leverage social network data, you need to create a Power Automate flow to gather all the data and feed it into a SharePoint list via the Powell connector. 

Here is a global view of the Flow; you can download the related zip here :

( Note that this is the Flow as we created it when creating this documentation. It is only an example, and Powell does not ensure its integrity. )



Explanation of the different scopes :

Scope Facebook

  • Set the property Facebook


  • Retrieve the ids of the posts following the id of the Facebook page.
  • Loop over the different posts to make a query to get more info about the post.
  • Add the posts to a table.


Scope Instagram

  • Set the property Instagram Token


  • Retrieve account information (id, name).
  • Retrieve the ids of the posts from the Instagram account.
  • Loop over the different posts to make a query to get more info from the post.
  • Add the posts to a table.



Scope Twitter

  • Set the twitter user 


  • Connector Twitter.
  • Loop over the different Twitter posts to get the information
  • Add the posts to a table



Scope Youtube

  • Set the property Youtube ChannelId & Token


  • Retrieve Youtube videos.
  • Loop over the different videos to get the information
  • Add the posts to a table.


Scope SharePoint

  • Set the value Site url & List Name


  • Loop over the different social network posts to add them to the SharePoint list.



Dedicated SharePoint list

You need to create a dedicated SharePoint list to gather all the data from power Automate and aggregate it. 

Here is an example of the list we created



If you want to re-use the same list we created, the model is available as a list template : Aggregated Social Networks Feeds.


Set Graph web part

List Configuration

Once your list is created and linked to your Flow, you can add a Graph web part to your page.



Add the list you created earlier to aggregate all social content in the list configuration. ( In the example above, we named the list "Aggregate Social Networks Feeds" )


Choose a display template, and select the display template of your choice. ( News list and news tiles, for example

If you want to have the same view as the one we created, create a custom view in the manager ( Widget view section ) for the Search Web part, and add the following code to this page :

This is the HTML structure we created for the custom view of the social wall.



Here is an example of the mapping we used on the Search Web part


imageURL : imageUrl

platform : networked

description : content38571

public URL: media URL

Date : created time

author  : Appauthor




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