Powell Intranet Header - Standard Users


With the Powell Intranet header, Intranet users can perform many different actions. Actions in the header are adapted to three different user profiles of the intranet: Standard company users, intranet contributors, and Intranet administrators.


The Header includes the following: 

  • The search 
  • The EN/FR
  • The tools
  • The content creation
  • The settings
  • Toggle Microsoft 365 ribbon



Actions in the header for all company users 

Search Icon

The standard users can use the  Search Icon, which is connected to the enterprise search web part. The search capabilities automatically display possible content the user might be looking for: news, documents, sites, and people. With the keyword search capability, you can find anything you want within the portal. This search function leverages both the Search API to search throughout SharePoint and the Graph API to search across Office 365. 



Tools Icon


Standard intranet users will have only access to the tools icon, and it provides access to different user tools, including: 

  • User profile information
  • User's recent activities
  • User's favorite apps, sites, and links
  • Translation feature
  • Access to user contributions
  • Mobile Applications
  • Visual Tools



Profile Information

As you click the profile image on the left,  it will open a panel displaying some useful information regarding the user:  the user's office attendance & next reservations, the organization chart, the list of last documents the user worked on, and the user's rewards (latest badges and points gained).  The "view more" button redirects us to the user Delve page. 


Recent Activities

Recent Activities will display the user's most recently performed actions. It aggregates information from different sources like Company Calendars, Events, Mail, and Documents.



The Star Icon represents user favorites. This button allows users to manage their favorite apps, sites, and links.   

Apps: The company can also push and set favorite apps that everyone must have, which will automatically appear in the list. You can also display your apps according to categories, e.g., Different company departments. As you click each department, it will show corresponding applications. 



You can go to any site on your intranet and add it to the favorites list. 



My Links: 

Users can easily create all their favorite links and gather them in one place. To do that, click the "create a link" button and type the link title, the URL of the page, and the URL of the image and hit "save." 



Translate icon

The translate icon permits the site's translation to any language appearing in the dropdown list. 


My contributions 

As a standard user, you can have specific contribution rights to a single type of content.  Site owners define the type of content standard users can create. 

With my contribution page, standard users will easily find the content they have created, for example, corporate advertisements or ideation campaigns. 

Moreover, this page will permit modifying content through the "edit" buttons next to each piece of content. There are available filtering options to filter content according to the content type, site (displaying results for this specific site), date, language, and status. 



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