Powell Teams release October 2022

Order your data on Powell Teams columns

Powell Teams tables are used in many application pages (reports, all teams, user dashboard, tag list...). To help you find the correct information, increase your efficacity and save time, we have the added capacity to sort any dashboard by column type, making it simple to find your teams with many users, groups with missing owners, and so on...



Activity logs improvement

Thanks to your last feedback on activity logs, we improved the information displayed on the activity logs. It is an essential tool to track the activity of a Powell Teams administrator; here is what we changed:

  • Team creation and updates: The warning message displayed for all team creations and updates has been removed. The Powell Teams information tab is still available in your templates.
  • Automation trigger: The log displayed concerning the trigger of automation is now displayed only when automation is associated with the template.
  • Approval request: The approval request log now includes more details about possible errors due to the addition of the manager of the team creator as an approver of the team.

Learn more: Activity log


Update a team without a template

Powell Teams mainly was based on managing governance rules based on team templates. With our recent Onboarding process, “the health check,” the need to quickly solve some security warnings become essential before thinking about the global governance strategy. This is why we introduce a new capacity into Powell Teams to be able to edit any team without the need to apply a template. We do not recommend keeping teams unmanaged for too long.

Learn more: Team edition  



We would like to remind you of the new Admin Consent

On 20/10/2022, we will request two new rights when you approve our Azure Active Directory application to improve the user experience & connections with your environment.

Read all report settings: this right will allow us to reduce the number of API calls to Microsoft and, consequently, increase the performance and speed of the team information recovery at a defined period.

Read all app catalogs: this right will allow us to deploy a team information tab when required in the template.


What will happen on 20/10/2022?

A new consent banner will appear for all Powell Teams administrators to request the new consent. Microsoft Teams administrators can make this consent directly from Powell Teams.


What will happen if I do not manage the new admin consent?

The live data updated from Microsoft Teams to Powell Teams will no longer be adequately provided.

A warning message for each team creation will be displayed in the activity logs.


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