Discussion report


The discussion report web part displays all the latest conversations done globally on the portal or related to a specific site.

It fetchs only discussions done from a Powell Discussion component no matter the scope (page or site).

The left part displays a chart about the number of creation, and in the right part displays only the latest valuable answers (meaning only the answer tag as top answer).


On the top right corner, the user can choose to display the data regarding a period. 

  • Today will display only the data for the current day.
  • This week will display only the data for the current week (from monday to sunday)
  • This month will display only the data for the current month (from the 1st to the end of the month)

Web part settings

The web part settings contain only a filter on the sites on where coming from the discussions.

This setting is a multi value site picker.


Deployment and prerequisites

This web part can be found on the web part catalog in the section "Powell Intranet".


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