Kudos top users


The kudos top users webpart list all kudos received group by type for a chosen period.

The user who received the most this type of kudos is displayed on the tile.


By clicking on the tile, a popin displays the complete list of users who received at least once this kudo. The list is ordered by the number of kudo received. The top user who received this kudo the most is displayed on the left.




For this webpart, the only available setting is the number of tile displayed per row depending on the platform.


Deployment and prerequisites

This web part can be found on the web part catalog in the section "Powell Intranet"


As prerequisite, you need to have :

  • A gamification site linked to the current site collection
  • Kudos created on the gamification site

See the complete documentation on Gamification : https://support.powell-software.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021194980-Gamification-center#h_01FTBF85NVSAZ41VVM0D0V3DVF


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