Header Contribution for Intranet Contributors


With the Powell Intranet header, Intranet users can perform many different actions. Actions in the Header are adapted to three different user profiles of the intranet: Standard company users, intranet contributors, and Intranet administrators.


The Header includes the following: 

  • The search 
  • The EN/FR
  • The tools
  • The content creation
  • The settings
  • Toggle Microsoft 365 ribbon


Actions in the Header for Contributors

The + icon on the Header is destined for intranet contributors to let them easily create and manage intranet content. 



Create Content

Intranet contributors can create content very easily directly from the intranet header. As contributors click the "+" sign on the Header, they can choose the type of content they want to create. Choosing the type of content will allow accessing the creation forms. 

Each company will define the types of content available to create.Screenshot_2022-10-06_at_13.51.40.png

E.G., How to Create News

Choose the content type "news" (which is a content type for creating modern news) to create a news article. When you choose the content type, it will open up a creation form - you will need to follow the instruction, fill in the form, and hit "publish. 


Title: Give a title to your news article

Description: Give a brief description of what the article is about

Banner image: upload a banner image for the article

Tag your article: You can tag your article. These tags will appear on the news article when t is published. You can tag your articles according to your departments or any other tag values. Tags can be chosen in the proposed drop-down list, or you can create a new value directly within the form. 

Location: Choose the location 

News content: Here you can put the content of your article. 

Publish: Hit publish to make the article available for readers. 



My contributions 

With my contribution page, contributors will easily find the content they have created, whether it is news, documents, applications, events, etc.

Moreover, this page will permit modifying content through the "edit" buttons next to each piece of content. There are available filtering options to filter content according to the content type, site (displaying results for this specific site), date, language, and status. 

Contributors can access this page through the "tools" icon" in the Header. 




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