Powell Intranet Header -Intranet Administrators


With the Powell Intranet header, Intranet users can perform many different actions. Actions in the Header are adapted to three different user profiles of the intranet: Standard company users, intranet contributors, and Intranet administrators.


The Header includes the following: 

  • The search 
  • The EN/FR
  • The tools
  • The content creation
  • The settings
  • Toggle Microsoft 365 ribbon




Actions in the Header for Administrators


The settings

The settings– Settings icon is destined for intranet administrators, and it adds additional value to the portal by ensuring effective content management via several different functionalities directly on the Site.


  • Manage tools - Define tools for your contributors and administrators
  • Manage Navigation- Edit the site navigation directly from the page, modify the links and add new ones. 
  • Manage theme – Choose the theme, color, logo, and fonts.
  • Create Subsite
  • Create Site – leverages SharePoint functionality to create a new team or communication site. You can select a template that will be applied to your Site.
  • Create List
  • Manage Site properties - manage site title logo and description.
  • Manage Frontline workers' content
  • Manage Page statistics – Access page statistics. Choose the period and check the number of visits.
  • Manage Site contents
  • Manage Site Settings


Manage theme


Under the settings icon, site administrators can manage the theme. The “Manage theme” button will permit theme editing directly from the Site. 

You will be able to choose themes from the drop-down list. You can select the Orion or any other theme proposed in the list. Powell offers seasonal themes for Christmas, Easter holidays, and more. You can also change the colors, logo, and fonts. 

Click here to access information on managing your intranet look and feel. 


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