Image map


Image map webpart is a useful way to create a clickable image or map for your users, with different definable clickable areas for different audiences.


This webpart can be configured only in front (from Powell Manager you can only specify the displayed image)



Click on Add an area button : 

  • On the image, a new area is created, you can change its surface and size to match the element you want to make clickable for your users on the image.
  • An edit pannel is displayed with different informations about your Area
  • title will be the text displayed when the user hovers over the area on your image.

  • Type allow you to choose the comportment of the clickable area

    • Link type will set the clickable area as a link for a web page.
    • in Link, Set the url you want your user to be redirected
    • in Opening Option, set the opening options you prefer. Same window will open the page in the same window, Other tab will create a new tab in the user's browser, and in a popin will create a new tab..
      ( By default, we set Other tab as it is the best option to keep the navigation of the user in the current page

    • Create a new content will set the clickable area as a link trough contribution, allowing user to create content you'll define 
    • In Select a content type, select the type of content type you want your users to create when they will click on the area.  
      • in Action, you can select one of the available actions that will be triggered when the content is created through the image map ( see gamification action administration for more information about this ).
      • You can also define in the checkbox if you want variation to be accessible for the created content
      • If you save the webpart, area will now be clickable and will redirect user to the contribution for the selected content type on click mceclip6.png
  • Audience will allow you to define if an area is visible and clickable for a specific audience
    • Public : The area is visible for everyone
    • Restricted to a SharePoint group  : The area is only visible for one or more SharePoint group
    • Restricted to an AD group : The area is only visible for one or more AD group


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