( Deprecated ) Application without categories

Warning: This webpart is obsolete and can no longer be found in the Powell webparts catalog.


This component is used to display a list of application created in the current site classified by alphabetical order.


When the user clicks on an application he is redirected to the application page in another tab.


There is no specific setting for this component except the global one as :

  • The choice to display or not the title 
  • The title
  • The icon before the title

Deployment and prerequisites

To work this component need to have a list of "Applications".  This list is stored by default under this URL : "Lists/GroupSitesApplis". 

You can add it in your site template from Powell manager or it's automatically added when you add the component "Application without category" in a page of your template.


This component displays the list of application for the current site. 


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