Discussion Tiles


This feature is usefull to father all different topics of Discussions from your sites and allow a user to react quickly to it. 

Discussion Tiles displays different subjects of Discussions ( See the related webpart ) and display them as clickable tiles.


This way, user can have a quick view of discussions topics appealing to him and click on them to open all interactions related to the specific subject.





On Discussion Tiles webpart settings, you can first define the number of items (Tiles in this example)  you want to display in different resolutions, Mobile, Tablet, Normal and Large.




  • You can then set the maximum number of results, which will be the number of the latest topics the web part will display. Note that the topics are displayed chronologically, Ascending or descending depending of what is set in the Sort dropdown. 
  •  Randomize Results option allows you to override the chronological aspects and randomize the display of discussion tiles. 


  • Enable the "Pick me a subject randomly button" will create a Button allowing the user to open a random subject. That will display all the subject's interactions.




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