Gamification manage actions


Gamification - Manage actions  is an webpart that allows administrator to create and edit actions related to gamifications from models or to create a brand new one. 



Gamification - Manage actions display all actions already available in your gamification center or on the site related to a gamification center.

To add a new action, click on Add a new action button

  • Gamification action catalog is now displayed with all models you can re-use freely
  • You can copy one of those actions or create a new actions

  • Select an action in the catalog, then click on COPY button
  • For this example, we will copy Book a desk action
  • The creation form will be displayed with all the pre-filled information.

  • You can customize the Title, logo and the number of points of the action
  • The number of points corresponds to the number of gamification points earned by the user when reaching the action.  (In our example, users will gain 5 points by booking a desk) 
  • Do not edit the Code Action if it is a Powell default action (For example, FDB code action is related to the action of booking a desk) 
  • Click on Publish to create the action
  • "Book a desk action is now enabled in your gamification center. If a user books a desk, the action will be triggered, as shown on the bottom right of the capture. The user has triggered the action by reserving a desk, has a notification and earns 5 points. 





By editing the webpart, you can define the number of actions that will be displayed by page. If you set it to one, it will create a pagination with one element per page.



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