Maps webpart allows you to display some locations 


The settings of this component allow you to define how the plan will look and to add some location pins.

See more option + Label Checked: display a button redirecting the user to open the street map.

Center map on - Define on which country/city the map is center on by default


Map center display name - Define a pin in the center define above

Paris - Capital city

London - Capital city

Marker address and display name - Put on the map a pin on a specific location and with a specific name

Powell Software - 80 Av. du Général-Leclerc, 78220 Viroflay, France

Marker list - All the pins defined and displayed on the map

A trash button allows you to delete the defined pin

Zoom - Between 1 and 30 (2=World, 4=Continent, 6=Country, 9=Area, 12=City, 14=District, 17=Street)



Display format




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